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The definition of 'Bookkeeping' is: "The process of entering financial data into a companys' records in an organized way". 

At Numerex, we do more than that. As the data entry process happens, we make sure that the entries are not only organized in a way that the small business owner can understand their own books, but at the same time, thinking about the categories that the IRS has in their forms at tax time. 

This makes for very organized and clean books so that there is less time spent when it comes down to filing taxes, and to try and make sure that there are the maximum tax benefits being taken advantage of.  

The majority of our clients do not download transactions from the bank --  they are manually entered and formatted in a way that whoever looks at the books, they will see a professional, clean, well organized, and correct set of books for your business. 







Definition of Accounting:  Provide financial data to a company that conforms with the IRS standards according to IRS Tax forms. 

We believe that the bookkeeping process isn't over when the books are handed to the accountant or CPA to file taxes for you. Numerex will work with your accountant so that the tax return and the QuickBooks file will match, hence providing you with information that is meaningful for you and your business. 



QuickBooks is the most popular small business software used. We teach all level QuickBooks classes at computer training schools (Not affiliated with Numerex), as well as BCNA (The Business Center for New  Americans, associated with the SBA). Also, private training is available and of course, fixing of financial data entered within QuickBooks.  Desktop and Online version of QuickBooks are taught in public classes and in private trainings in our offices or at your place.


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